Francesco Bianchini Veronese (Nr.E9818)

La Istoria Universale - 1747

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Francesco Bianchini (13 December 1662 – 2 March 1729) was an Italian philosopher and scientist. He worked for the curia of three popes, including being camiere d`honore of Clement XI, and secretary of the commission for the reform of the calendar, working on the method to calculate the astronomically correct date for Easter in a given year (wikipedia). 

Very rare book with portrait, folding map, 12 plates and tables, and many engravings in the text

Francesco Bianchini Veronese, Astronomo Cronologo Istorico Antiquario. 
La historia universale provata con monumenti, e figurata con simboli degli antichi opera. Dedicata alla Sacra Maestà Christianissima di Lodovico XV. 
Roma Nella Stamperia di Antonio de'Rossi, 1747. 
Leather, format: 21x27cm. (28) + 572 + (22) pag. 
With portrait of the writer and many other engravings. 
Good but used condition. Some wormholes, not affecting the text. Folding table p. 98 detached. 


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